ATF-DX Riser with NS-G Foam Limbs

Draw Date: October 24, 2024
$2022 value
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ATF-DX introduces the same dampers used in the META-DX handle to increase effective reduction in vibration caused by the impact at the moment of shooting. It minimizes unnecessary movement of the bow to assist with improvement of arrow grouping. The ergonomically designed grip provides a positive sensory feeling, increasing stability. Rest plates are adjustable as 4 levels to suit your arrows and your tuning.

The NS-G is very first limb in the world that uses innovative graphene materials for archery equipment.
It also adds a function that minimizes the impact that occurs when shooting in the bottom core part of the limbs. It minimizes bow torque that directly affects the arrow light.
Softer, but more advanced competition limbs that used graphene on foam cores to ensure that the arrows don’t lose speed and light stability.