Axcel Achieve XP Carbon Bar Compound Sight

Draw Date: August 15, 2024
$530 value
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Introducing the “Axcel Achieve XP Carbon Bar Compound Sight”, the ultimate sight designed specifically for compound target archers seeking unparalleled precision. This sight boasts fine-tuned adjustment settings, allowing archers to set it perfectly and lock it firmly in place to ensure unwavering accuracy. Constructed to be lightweight yet extremely robust, it promises durability and reliability. Its balanced inline tensioning system ensures the sight remains aligned during tension adjustments. Thanks to the Ultra-High Modulus carbon bar, it’s twice as robust, possessing a superior weight to strength ratio compared to similar models. The sight’s cutting-edge Wedge Lock mounting system ensures a sturdy and exact mount that confidently clicks into place. Gone are the days of twin-dowel guide systems; the Axcel Achieve XP ushers in a superior “Windage Dovetail Guide System” that guarantees zero backlash. With both elevation and windage locks, there’s no unwanted movement once the locks are activated. Enhancements include a slender, jeweled elevation bar that’s both lighter and stronger than its predecessors, along with larger knurled elevation and windage knobs to simplify adjustments. The sight also offers the option to incorporate metal sight tapes for accurate yardage markings, with seven sets provided. As for its weight specifications, the 6″ model weighs 8.25 ounces, while the 9″ variant is 8.8 ounces.