Optum Scope – 29MM

Draw Date: May 14, 2024
$170 value
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The versatile design of this scope includes a removable ring system with eight pin positions, allowing quick and easy swapping between pin sizes and fiber colors. Additionally, the adjustable fiber cover provides precise control over ambient lighting conditions. The scope also features 8-32 threaded holes for compatibility with an electronic light kit, illuminating both the fiber and pin. For enhanced visibility, an angled 8-32 light port allows users to focus light on the lens center, perfect for illuminating a dot or center-drilled lens. Fiber bypass slots within the ring system enable the fiber to wrap around the scope, maximizing natural light collection. Interchangeable levels in various colors cater to individual preferences, and threads on both ends of the scope accommodate sunshades and lenses for further customization. Moreover, a machined pocket on the side of the scope body accepts square or hex scope rods, effectively preventing scope rotation when mounted on a sight, with the square pocket measuring .314″ x .314″.